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Tuesday, October 31, 2017


4:30 pm Catherine & No. Ten Broeck St.
4:45 pm Holyrood @ Fourth and Houston St.
5:00 pm North Toll and Lark St.
5:15 pm South Toll and Sanders Ave.
5:30 pm Orlinda Ave. and S. Holmes St.
5:45 pm Glen Ave. and Pleasantview Ave.
6:00 pm Sanders Ave and S. Ten Broeck St.
6:15 pm Washington Ave. and Livingston Ave.
6:20 pm Washington Ave. and Washington Rd.
6:35 pm Spearhead Dr.
6:45 pm Deerfield Place and Red Coach Dr.
7:00 pm Glenview Dr. and Slatestone Dr.
7:10 pm Holly Blvd. and Fawn Dr.
7:25 pm Parkland Ave and Uncas Dr.
7:40 pm Cuthbert and Concord St.
7:55 pm Weathercrest
8:00 pm Porch Lights Off

Our friends at Scotia Fire Department wanted me to share this year's theme "Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out." It is important that you have an escape plan in place, as well as a pre-planned meeting place away from the fire.

Don't forget on November 5th it will be time to have your clocks fall back and to change the battery in smoke-detectors. When you're at the store picking up halloween candy it may be a good time to pick up some new battery's.

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