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History of the Village of Scotia may surprise you

The Camp

The colonial military camp and training ground on the looking north. Visible in the photo is the former First Baptist Church which still provides a historic feel to Mohawk Avenue. Activated during the French and Indian war of 1754-1760 the Schenectady battalion of the Albany County Militia trained here. In 1759, the camp hosted the British Niagara expedition, under the command of Brigadier General John Prideaux. Held up by high water on the Mohawk River the local militia and General Prideaux eventually combined forces in Oswego with Sir William Johnson and one thousand Iroquois warriors. The campaign took part in the seige of Fort Niagara which turned out to be one of linchpins of the war.

History of Scotia, New York

2010 Census Population: 7,729

The Village of Scotia itself was incorporated just over 100 years ago but its past is deep and full of historic events. Nestled in the arms of the Mohawk River this fertile land was visited frequently by the Haudenosaunee(often incorrectly called Iroquois) and Algonkian Indians. In the 1650's, Alexander Lindsey of Glen bought land along the north shore of the river from the Iroquois Indians. While he emigrated to the new world with Dutch settlers, he named his estate Scotia, in memory of the Scottish hills of his native country. While a Scotsman, political/reglious conflicts forced our founder to the Netherland where he became a key member of the Dutch India Company. This resulted in our area having a combination of both Scottish and Dutch heritage.

In the mid 1800's Scotia was well known as the center of the Broom industry with almost 100 operating broomcorn farms, manufacturing up to 1,000,000 brooms a year.

Discuss growing up in old Scotia with friends a Facebook's Remembering Scotia.

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