God Bless America

We Won't Forget the Sandy Hook 26
20 Trees Donated for 20 Angels.

Sometimes it only takes one caring heart to create a difference. Scotia resident Ron Fonda felt it was important to create a tribute to the victims of of Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. As of Saturday December 22nd he had spent four days and 30 cold hours in a true labor of love located on Sacandaga Rd. His efforts haven't gone un-noticed especially by students who can see the memorial as they wait on their buses. The trees, property and generator have all been provided at no cost.

Ron's birthday is December 25th but instead of spending a warm day at home, most of Christmas day he'll be across from Scotia-Glenville Senior High School with new friends and neighbors as they pray, sing Christmas carols and reflect on this horrific tragedy.

The one spelling error (Newtown) goes unnoticed as many stop to pay their respect while all leave with strong emotions grateful to Mr. Fonda's work.


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