Jumpin' Jack's

Jumpin' Jack's Etiquette
Updated: March 2013 Thanks to employees of Jumpin' Jack's for adding the last two suggestions.
1)   Ordering:   Know what you want before you get close
    Look up and you'll see the menu. Keep the line moving by knowing what you're going to order before you're asked. If you have questions just ask someone else in line. Don't be scared off by long lines. Things move fast.
2)   Ordering:   Your drink order is separate.
    Don't confuse the guy taking your food order with what you want to drink. The drink guys will ask for your beverage preference before you get to the register.
3)   Dress code:   Dress warmer then you might expect.
    Everyone in the Village of Scotia knows it always feels 10 degrees colder at Jumpin' Jack's. You'll also get a beeze off the river.
4)   Dress code:   No Shirts or Shoes, No Service.
    It's still a restaurant so health laws still apply even if you're not eating. Even though you're outside don't plan on smoking either. Even if you're carrying a little dog, unless it's a service dog it needs to wait in the car.
5)   Parking:   Customers Only
    If you're attending a concert in Freedom Park or you're there to see the US WaterSki Show Team don't take up spaces in the main parking lot. There's plenty of parking in the Collins Park Beach parking. This year a family of eagles is living near by so scan the sky as you walk through the park.
6)   Tipping:   Leave the change and they'll yell "Subway"
    Tipping is a allowed and everyone will acknowledge your tip by yelling "Subway".
7)   Ice Cream:   No Dips *NEW*
    This year Jumpin' Jack's has it all. You don't have to go anywhere else if you want soft ice cream coated with a hard shell. Add either chocolate or cherry dip to your favorite soft ice cream of the day.
8)   Ice Cream:   Bite off the bottom
    When buying ice cream for someone else's children you should teach them to bite off the bottom of the small cone and suck the soft ice cream out.

9)   Water Access:   Keep the kids on the grass.
    The Mohawk River is very beautiful and drops off quickly at the shore line into the "Muddy Mohawk". When attending water ski shows keep the kids up on the grass or you'll bring them home wet and they'll be in the way.
10)  Parking:   Hot cars rule. *NEW*
    The corner in front of the Twin Freez ice cream building is the place for hot cars and bikes. Check them out while your there. If you drive a mini-van or SUV there are plenty of other spots to park. The corner in front of Twin Freez is now designated as handicapped parking.
11)  Ordering:   Don't use Jumpin' Jack's Lingo
    Don't try to show off. The cook will still have to confirm you really know what you're talking about and it slows up the process.
12)  Ordering:   If you change your order, just tell someone
    If you get to the counter and you decide you wanted three cheese burgers instead of two that's fine. Just let them know or someone will be missing a cheese burger and slow up the line.

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