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Located in New York's Capital Region

New York's Capital Region

When asked, most people from Scotia will just say they're from upsate New York. If they've never been to New York many people don't realize what a huge difference there is between New York City and everywhere else in the state. We say upstate so they don't think we grew up with gangs in the city. Yes, we have parks, apple orchard cow's and all that stuff. Of course someone who is from the city will have a completely distorted idea of what upstate is. "West Chester?" "Yea, sure."

Technically however, the Village of Scotia is in New Yorks "Capital Region" or the "Capital District." We're about 20 miles from Albany which by the way is the capital of New York. The Capital Region includes the cities of Albany, Schenectady, Amsterdam, Troy and Saratoga Springs. In verifying my information I learned that ILoveNewYork.com thinks we're part of "Capital-Saratoga" while Wikipedia says it's the "Capital District." Many consider "Upstate New York" as an area west of the village but nobody agrees on that one either. If you click on the "I Love NY" logo you can order or download a New York Travel Guide. Come Visit Scotia live! If you're ever invited to visit the North Country/Adironack region or Finger Lakes go for it. Upstate New York is amazing and has a lot to offer.

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